International Group

So far this first semester of college has gone by incredibly quickly, and I have been incredibly busy. Therefore, while I have been attending various events, making friends, and trying to find my niche, I have not yet committed to an international group. However, there are three that I plan on further looking into.

The first is German Club, because I begin taking German classes next semester and my long-term study abroad may very well take place in Germany. One of my best friends is a German native, and though I have learned a lot from her, I know there is still much to learn.

The second organization I am looking into is the International Advisory Committee, which acts as a sort of umbrella organization that brings together all international student organizations at the University and hosts very large international events for all groups. This group makes a lot of sense for a Global Engagement Fellow to be involved with, because as an “international ambassador” of sorts for OU, I should be participating in events that span across all international groups.

The third group that I have seriously considered joining is called Global Brigades. This group is geared toward student volunteers who strive for an “equal world.” It is a health and development movement led by students across the country, and the advisor for OU’s chapter of the group is the Dean of the College of International Studies, Dr. Suzette Grillot, so I know the group is legitimate.

Something that I learned this semester is that it is hard to find groups that are actually active at OU. Although the page for “Active Student Organizations” is chalk full of various student groups ranging across all sorts of topics, many of them are out of date and do not meet regularly. However, I know for sure that two of the groups I have discussed meet regularly and host several events, and the third shows promise in that it is nationally recognized and is advised by the CIS Dean. If all goes well and things continue to smooth out after this first semester, I might have time to be involved with all of these groups, but I definitely plan on joining the German Club and attending events hosted by the International Advisory Committee.