“What’s one thing that you definitely don’t want to give up when you go abroad? Why? How will you cope if you have to?”

Something that is very important to me is time spent alone. I am a fairly introverted person, and I often need to take a break from others in order to rest my mind. I am highly stimulated in the presence of a lot of people, and can become exhausted quickly in social situations. I still consider myself a people person, and a people-pleaser, at that, but I require ample amounts of “me” time to recharge from all of the stimuli. 
I have realized that while I am at home it is easy for me to ignore the rest of the world for a little while and obtain this precious “me” time, but while I am abroad it will not be so easy. I like to spend time alone in places I am familiar with and where I can put everything in my mind at ease. While abroad, there may be a few moments in the day when I have time to rest from social exertion, but they will be fleeting, and in places previously unknown to me. I will also always be traveling in a group for safety, which will make complete solitude a bit difficult.
Fortunately, I also know that I will often be too excited to get out and absorb as much as I can to calm down and let myself get comfortable. Hopefully, this excitement will help boost my energy level so that I can continue onward, and only realize how exhausted I am when it is time for the physical rest of sleep. 
Whatever happens, I know that I will only grow from the experience. Maybe when I arrive home, I will realize that I need to spend less time alone than I did before my studies abroad. Perhaps when I get back it will make me value that alone time even more than I do currently. There are so many ways to grow from studying abroad I can’t possibly foresee all of them, I can only wonder at the possibilities.