German Club Grillfest

I recently attended the German Club Grillfest on Sunday, April 12th at the Lion’s Park Pavilion. I went with my German friends Leoni and Carolyn and we also brought their dog Tommy, who was very interested in the food that was not available to him. Some of the German food that was available to human attendees of the event were potato salad, sauerkraut, and sausage.

The German food was delightful, as was the company. Several students and professors of German were in attendance and they were all very happy to come together to celebrate the German language and culture. There was also a group of people playing soccer in the field near the pavilion, which was also a very fitting sport to play at the cultural event, seeing as soccer is to German-speaking countries what American football is to Americans.

Although most people at the event were speaking English, I wanted to practice some German with my friend, so while we were keeping her dog Tom distracted from the delicious food we also spoke in German, and it was really fun! My skills are pretty basic thus far, but I really enjoy speaking the language with native speakers because they help me improve with every conversation that we have.

Being able to practice with native speakers has improved my pronunciation, understanding and appreciation of the language and it is really enjoyable to see how excited they are when I say something right. From knowing nothing at all to being able to understand them and have conversations, it’s really a great feeling to be able to speak with someone in their native language and I can tell they appreciate it a lot and take pride in my progress. The German Club Grillfest was a great way to experience German culture and practice the language.