OU Cousins 20th Annual End of the Year BBQ

I was recently selected to be on the Advisory Board for OU Cousinsand I couldn’t be more excited for my future in the program! To clarify, OU Cousins is the organization that pairs International students with American students so that they can make friends and become more easily integrated into student life at OU. I really enjoyed spending time with my Cousin this year, and I have some great ideas to make the program even better next year!

The final OU Cousins event of the year is the BBQ held at the Whinery Ranch located just a few minutes away from campus. President David Boren has been friends with theWhinerys for years, and this year’s BBQ happened to be the 20th Anniversary of the end of the year event. As a newly elected member of the Cousins Advisory Board (CAB), I was required to arrive a few hours early and help set up for the event. I got to meet a lot of the current members of CAB, many of whom are graduating this next week, and they were all very nice and helpful.

The event itself featured free cowboy hats and bandanas for everyone in attendance, with delicious free food, line dancing, a live band, and even a mechanical bull. Over 500 students were present for the biggest OU Cousins BBQ in history! It was truly a great time. President Boren and Mrs. Whinery each spoke near the end of the event, and then we took a huge group picture with all of the OU Cousins.

I’m so proud to go to a university where international students are celebrated and the global community is paramount. President Boren is making a huge difference in the lives of every student who is able to study abroad and learn valuable skills while growing more knowledgeable about the world. The OU Cousins BBQ was one of the highlights of my year, and I’m so excited for the next one!