OU Cousins BBQ 2016

Now for my favorite event of the year!! Yay!!

We held our 21st annual OU Cousins BBQ on the evening of April 28th at the Whinery Ranch. This was by far my favorite OU Cousins event of the year, and maybe even my favorite event of the year period. I will say that I am definitely biased in this opinion, because I was one of the people who worked hard all year to make it happen.

Everything went exceedingly well. As guests arrived, we distributed hundreds of handkerchiefs and cowboy hats, several of which were humorously oversized. This took quite a long time, actually, because we had several buses carrying several hundred OU Cousins, as well as OU faculty, and family and friends of the Whinerys attend the event.

The event featured typical BBQ-style American food, which everyone always enjoys, and this year instead of a mechanical bull we rented a photo booth! We decided that a photo booth would be a good addition to the event because photos are something that international students can take home with them for memories of their time at OU with their cousins. We also had the live band, and a country dance instructor teach everyone some new moves.

President David Boren attends the event every year, and this year he pulled up in his Jag a fashionable 45 minutes late, because he’s just so cool. Throughout the event, he must have taken hundreds of photos with students. In fact, I think international students might love DBo even more than American students!! Finally, we ended the evening by presenting gifts to the Whinerys, President Boren, and the OU Cousins faculty director, Quy Nguyen, followed by a huge group picture.

After a full year being involved in OU Cousins, I can say that I am so happy that this is the international group in which I chose to have a leadership position. I have formed some close friendships with other members of the Cousin’s Advisory Board (we call ourselves CAB), and even though I didn’t have a cousin of my own this semester, I met several really cool international students at all of our events.

The OU Cousins BBQ this year was even more fun than last year, and I hope it gets bigger and better with each year to come. It makes me really sad that I will miss it next spring. Hopefully there is an active international students association in Austria, because I want to get involved!