Reflection VII

Last week I had my mid-semester meeting for the Global Engagement Fellowship. I thought that the meeting went really well, and I was glad that my ideas for becoming more globally engaged were discussed and understood. It was nice to get feedback on those goals, and I appreciated that I got to explain them as opposed to just turn them in as an assignment. I was also pleased and slightly relieved to know that my digital storytelling idea and transcript are good, and I’m excited to complete the project and watch what everyone else will create. My transcript needs work, but mostly I just need to figure out how to shorten it and make it less of a summarization. I know that I will be able to do this with the implementation of visuals, but it’s still difficult to know exactly what to keep and leave out when I have so much to convey about my topic.
So far, I would say my semester is going pretty well. Last week, I changed my major from undecided to Psychology, after realizing that I spend way too much of my time thinking and talking about human psychology to not be taking a class on the subject. I was advised last week on enrollment for next semester, and I’m excited to start my foreign language, German. I know it will take a while to become proficient in German, but I have a good friend who is from Germany and I hope that by practicing with her I will progress quickly.
Something that has worried me a little about this first semester of college is my GPA. I was proud of my 4.0 in high school, even though I only had to work really hard in a few of my classes. In college I am more concerned with gaining the knowledge over a grade, but I can’t help but be anxious about my first B, because it seems closer than I think. I have been studying really hard and utilizing many on-campus tools, it’s just that some concepts, especially in my chemistry class, are hard for me to grasp at a level where I can make an A on the exam. It seems silly, and I know it won’t make a huge impact on my life to not have a 4.0 in my undergrad years, but it still stresses me out.
Goals that I have for this semester are therefore just to work as hard as I can and continue to study diligently, and not be too upset if I don’t get all As in my harder classes. I have a great chemistry study group of about ten people, so I’ll continue meeting with them often and working out how to do well, even if doing well is a B and not an A in the class. I know that I can still make fine grades, and the most important thing to remember is that 100 years from now it won’t matter that I didn’t make perfect grades. What really matters to me is that I do my best.

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